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Dear friends of Deer Valley Meadows,


The past year has been one that has stretched and challenged all of us.  At Deer Valley Meadows we have experienced being shut down or extremely restricted in what we can offer ministries and guests for the better part of 14 months.  But we continue to move through this season with hope and gratitude.


We have hope because we know that God is in control. He has been faithful amid this and will continue to bless and use the ministry of DVM to help churches, ministries, and other organizations.  We are grateful that we entered this season of shutdowns and significant financial losses with a cash reserve to help see us through it.  These reserves are coming to an end, but we are in better shape than many other similar ministry centres.  We thank God for his provision.


Over the past several years the DVM leadership has been updating the buildings with roofing and siding products that have an extended life span and can withstand the extreme weather conditions of Alberta, including hail.  Our hope was to put a new roof and siding on the shower house this year, and to pay for this from our reserve funds.  This is the last major building needing this type of update.  We also planned to put a metal roof on the Babcock cabin as well.  


Due to having to use the reserve funds to sustain DVM through this pandemic, we now cannot use these for this project.  This is why we are sending out this letter to all of our DVM friends and family.  We are reaching out to you to see if you would be open to partnering with us to fund and complete this project.  


Would you consider making a one-time gift to our SHOWER HOUSE project?  

Project goal - $25,000.


This will pay for siding, roofs for both the shower house and cabin plus all labour.  And here’s some exciting news… before we even launched this fund-raising project, a couple people wanted to kick start the project but committed 10% of the needed funds.


On behalf of the DVM leadership, thank you for your generosity and encouragement as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God through the ministry of Deer Valley Meadows.


DVM Executive Director


For debit or credit card donations click on the donate button.



CHEQUE - Make cheque payable to: "Canadian Church of God Ministries"
Mail to: Unit #104, 4909A - 48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7


**please note on your cheque & e-transfer that this is for DVM SHOWER HOUSE**

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